“拥有命运之矛的人将掌握世界的命运” 命运之矛自从二战之后就下落不明 (墨西哥) 曼纽尔 Manuel. 曼纽尔!Manuel! 曼纽尔 Manuel. 片名: 《地狱神探》 (洛杉矶) 我想„„I think. . . . 我给你找着了一个 I think I found you one. 这次我可是给你打电话了 Look, I called you, right? 我一发现自己搞不定 就马上给你打电话了,约翰 Soon as I couldn't pull it out myself,I called you, John. 别担心,没事的 我们必须得把她绑上, 你明白吗?It's okay, it's okay.We had to tie her down, okay? 没事的 It's okay. 我是康斯坦丁 This is Constantine. 约翰·康斯坦丁 你这混蛋 John Constantine, asshole. 当然 Sure. 怎么了?What the hell? 我需要一面镜子 I need a mirror. 快去拿!至少要英尺高 Now. At least feet high. 愣着干嘛,快去拿啊!Move! Go, now! 我是克雷默 This is Kramer. 查斯·克雷默 你这混蛋 Chas Kramer, asshole. 混蛋 Asshole. 什么?哦,我是克雷默 查斯·克雷默,混蛋 What? Oh, this is Kramer.Chas Kramer, asshole. - 查斯! - 什么事?-Chas! -What? - 把车挪开 - 为什么?-Move the car. -Why? 叫你挪你就挪!Move the damn car! “查斯,把车挪开”''Chas, move the car. '' 好吧,挪了 There, car's moved. 把镜子举起来,对着床 Lift it up over the bed. 把那头系牢 亨内斯,从上面拉过去 Tie that end off.Hennessy, over the top. 把你们的眼睛闭上 不管发生什么都别睁开 Close your eyes.And whatever happens, don't look. 不!No! 现身吧 Show yourself. 来笑一个,你这白痴 Smile pretty, you vain prick. 操你妈!For your boss. 拉!Pull it! 妈妈?Ma? Ma? 我说得没错吧, 约翰, 给你找着一个 是不是?Like I said, I found you something,didn't I, John?

Didn't I? 那儿怎么了?What happened in there? 最近会议很多吧 Going to a lot of meetings, I see. 闹得我都睡不着 Keeps the voices out so I can sleep. 我得睡觉,约翰 I have to sleep, John. 我需要帮助,神父 I need some help, Father. 你?You do? 要我帮助?From me? 什么样的„„?What kind of--? - 听着,我„„ - 你那种驱魔术不对-Hey, listen, I-- -That exorcism wasn't right. 听着广播 Listen to the ether. 如果有什么异常,一定要告诉我 Anything unusual, you let me know. 来吧, 你不需要它的保护 它今天可能还会回来 Come on, you don't need its protection.It'll be like back in the day. 或许几天 A few days. 好吧 Okay. 好吧,为了你,约翰 Okay. For you, John. 约翰,你明知这不是我的车 John, why would you do that if you know it's not my car? - 我告诉过你让你挪开的 - 你是告诉过我-I told you to move it. -You did tell me to move it. . . 可是如果你告诉我 你要扔下来一个装着魔鬼的磅的镜子. . .but if you'd said you were dropping a -pound mirror with a demon. . . 我会把车挪得更远一点. . .I would've moved it further, John. - 去阿尔瓦拉多大街 - 好的先生,我知道怎么走-Take Alvarado. -Yeah, thank you. I know what to take. 你有没有考虑过,如果多告诉我一些事情 说不定我能帮上忙呢?You ever think if you told me more now that maybe I could help out? - 没有? - 没有-No? -Nope. 没有?Nope? 当然是——没有 Of course it's a nope. 保佑我,神父,我有罪 Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. 我已经„„It's been... 有两个礼拜没来忏悔了... two weeks since my last confession. 今天我杀了个人 I killed a man today. 又一个 Another one. 我甚至连他长什么样都没看清 I didn't even see his face, I just. . . 就扣下了扳机 接着他就死了. . .pulled the trigger, and he went away. 大多数年都不开一枪 Most cops go years without firing their guns. 而我却总是知道 这些家伙藏在哪儿 Why do I always know where these guys are? 该朝哪儿瞄准,什么时候开枪 Where to aim, when to fire. 神父,我在想 会不会是我有什么问题?I'm wondering, is there something wrong with me, Father? 被诅咒了?Something damned? 上帝自有安排 他给我们每个人都安排好了 God has a plan for you.He has a plan for us all. 别让罪恶吞没了你的信念 You mustn 't let your faith be overshadowed by guilt.

是的,我在努力 Yeah, I'm trying. 一直都在努力 I'm trying real hard. 伊莎贝尔 Isabel. 伊莎贝尔 Isabel. 我所战胜的东西 Things I've beaten. 大多数人听都没听说过 Things most people never even heard of. 可是现在呢 我却要被这玩意儿搞定 And now I'm gonna be done in by this. 你也不是第一个了,约翰 Wouldn't be the first, John. 得了吧,莱丝 Come on, Les. 你救过我一次 这次也可以,对吗?You saved me before,you can do it again, right? 癌细胞已经扩散了 This is aggressive. 年前,你不想来这儿 Twenty years ago,you didn't wanna be here. 现在你又不想离开 Now you don't wanna leave. 你还抽 Yeah, that's a good idea. 约翰,你真的需要准备一下了 John, you really need to prepare. - 安排后事吧 - 没必要-Make arrangements. -No need. 我很清楚自己何去何从 I already know exactly where I'm going. - 早 - 早上好-Morning. -Good morning. - 早上好 - 探长-Good morning. -Detective. - 不,不不 - 安吉拉,等等-No, no, no. -Angela, wait. 你还是别看了,好吗?别看了 You don't need to see this, okay? No. 大家先回避一下 Give us the room, please. 伊莎贝尔 Isabel. 她从屋顶上掉下来的?She fell from the roof? 她跳下来的 She jumped. - 不可能 - 听着-No. -Look. . . 我知道这很难接受 可她有病. . .I know it's hard to accept.She was sick. - 伊莎贝尔不会的 - 安吉-Isabel wouldn't kill herself. -Angie. - 她不会的 - 探长-She wouldn't kill herself. -Detective. - 皮瑞尔德 - 探长-Period. -Detective. 皮瑞尔德!Period! 安吉,监控录像都拍下来了 Angie, there were security cameras. - 等一下,是下去么? - 如果我有办法,当然不想“下去”-Hold the door. You going down? -Not if I can help it. 有新案子?A new case? 什么大案子?是你期待已久的吗?The big score? The mother lode?The one you've been waiting for? - 少奉承我 - 习惯了-Humor me. -Don't I always? 哦,这是„„太感激了,谢谢 Oh, yeah, that's--Much obliged. Thank you. 最近还好吗,约翰?How you feeling, John? 看看有什么新的货色 So, what's new? 教皇遇刺时留下的子弹碎屑 Bullet shavings from the assassination attempt on the pope. . . 采自约旦河的圣水针剂. . .holy-water ampoules from the River Jordan. . . 还有„„哦,这个你肯定喜欢 从阿米蒂维勒村找来的尖叫甲虫. . .and-- Oh, you'll love this.

--screech beetle from Amityville. 是啊, 对你来说很有趣 可对 “下面” 的东西来说, 这就像黑板上钉钉 Yeah, it's funny to you, but to the fallen, that's like nails on a chalkboard. 你和虫子,到底是什么关系?What is it, exactly, with you and bugs? 我只是喜欢它们 I just like them. 是啊,谁不喜欢?Yeah. Who doesn't? 悠着点,大英雄 Yeah, easy there, hero. - 这是“龙之息” - 我还以为你再也搞不到了呢-That's dragon's breath. -I thought you couldn't get it anymore. 是这样,我朋友的朋友„„Yeah, well, I know a guy who knows a guy. 好吧,这次是什么行动?So, what's the action? 我刚把一个魔兵 从一个小女孩的身体里赶出来 I just pulled a soldier demon out of a little girl. 看起来好像它想要复活 Looked like it was trying to come through. 我懂你的意思 Yeah, I know how it sounds. 可是约翰,我们对他们来说 只不过是掌中的玩偶 No, we're finger puppets to them, John. . . 而不是某种入口. . .not doorways. 他们可以操纵我们 但不能穿透结界进到我们的世界中 They can work us, but they can't come through onto our plane. 还是查一下卷轴吧 看看以前有没有先例 Check the scrolls anyway.See if there's any precedent. 没问题,约翰 Sure thing, John. 还有什么事吗?Anything else? 你那里有没有什么可以„„?Wouldn't happen to have anything for a--? 免费的(注:止咳药)On the house. 好吧,我有个问题 我还得做你的到几时?All right, question. How much longer do I have to be your slave, John? 你不是我的,查斯 You're not my slave, Chas. 你是我非常赏识的徒弟 You're my very appreciated apprentice. 就像汤托和罗宾一样 Like Tonto or Robin. 还有那个胖哥身边的小家伙 Or that skinny fellow with the fat friend. 好吧,那我除了开车之外 就不能干点别的了么?Right. So then why don't I apprentice something besides driving, then, John? 约翰?约翰 John? John. 很高兴和你谈话,约翰 I love our little talks, John. 您的外套,康斯坦丁先生 May I take your coat, Mr. Constantine? 不用了,谢谢 我一会儿就走 No, thanks,I'm not gonna be staying long. - 这位女士,您呢? - 哦不用了,我也一会儿就走-How about you, ma'am? -Oh, no, I'm not staying long either. 我真的要和他说话 有重要的事 I really need to speak with him.It's important. 先到先得 First come, first served. 看来你到哪儿都是这么粗鲁 So you're rude no matter where you are. - 神父 - 你好-Father. -Hi. - 带来什么新消息了 - 是的, 刚和主教谈过-You have news. Yes. -Yes, I spoke with the bishop.

我知道你要什么,孩子 I know what you want, son. 你那双无所不见的眼睛还盯着我呢 加百列?(注:替上帝把好消息报告世人的天使)Still keeping your all-seeing eye on me, Gabriel? 承蒙夸奖 I'm flattered. 我可以告诉你一些 Well, I could offer something. . . 关于牧羊人是怎样 带领他最不听话的羊群的故事. . .about how a shepherd leads even the most wayward of his flock. . . 可这听起来也许不够真诚. . .but it might sound disingenuous. 她应该得到天主教的葬礼 神父,求你了 She has to have a Catholic funeral,Father. She has to. - 安杰拉, 她犯的是不可饶恕的大罪 - 她不是的-Angela, it's still considered a mortal sin. -She didn't commit suicide. 可主教不这么想 你知道教规的 The bishop believes otherwise.You know the rules. 哦,教规 Oh, rules. 神父 Father. 戴维 David. 她是伊莎贝尔 This is Isabel. 她惟一相信的爱她的人就是上帝 God was the only one she ever believed loved her. 求你了 Please. 恕我无能为力 I'm sorry. 最近我看到一些异常的灵异活动 I've been seeing some unusual soul traffic lately. 也许你能考虑再给我点时间 You might consider giving me an extension. 我可以为你们这边帮些忙 I could do your side some good these days. 你还在为进入天堂积德呢?You still trying to buy your way into heaven? 没见我赶走多少小鬼吗?What about the minions I've sent back? - 光凭这个,就应该保证我能进天堂了 - 我跟你说过多少次了?-That alone should guarantee my entry. -How many times have I told you? 靠这样是进不了天堂的 That's not the way this works. 为什么?我为他做的还不够多吗?Why, haven't I served him enough? - 他到底想要我怎么样? - 很简单-What does he want from me? -Only the usual. 献身,信仰 Self-sacrifice, belief. - 哦,我信!我对天发誓 - 不,不,你自己心里有数-Oh, I believe, for chrissake. -No, no, you know. 其中的区别你也能看见 And there's a difference. You've seen. 我并没有要求看见 我生下来就被诅咒了 I never asked to see.I was born with this curse. 约翰,这是天赋 A gift, John. 而你只是用自私的行动把它浪费了 One that you've squandered on selfish endeavors. 我把魔鬼从女孩的身体里赶走 I'm pulling demons out of little girls. 这是为了谁?Who's that for? 你所做的一切都是为了你自己 Everything you've ever done,you've only ever done for yourself. 为了积德好进入天堂 To earn your way back into his good graces. 不可能的规则,无尽的约束 Impossible rules, endless regulations. . . 谁上天,谁入地 为什么. . .who goes up, who goes down and why. 你一点都不理解我们 You don't even understand us. 你才应该入地狱 你这个杂种 You're the one who should go to hell, half-breed.

为什么是我,加百列?Why me, Gabriel? 这完全是因为我自己的缘故,是不是?It's personal, isn't it? 因为去教堂去得太少 也不怎么祈祷 I didn't go to church enough,I didn't pray enough. . . 还舍不得往募捐箱里放上块钱 是不是?. . .I was bucks short in the collection plate. Why? 你这么年轻就要死 You are going to die young. . . 是因为你从岁起就每天要吸根烟. . .because you smoked cigarettes a day since you were . 而你之所以要去地狱 And you're going to go to hell. . . 是因为你所过的生活. . .because of the life you took. 你很失败 You're fucked. 至少在外面感觉还不错 At least it's nice out. 他总是一点幽默感都没有 He always had a rotten sense of humor. 他的笑话一点都不好笑 And his punch lines are killers. 约翰!John! 康斯坦丁,下雨哪!约翰,嗨!Constantine, it's raining! John! Hey! 凶手的后院里发现埋藏着具女尸 Twenty-two women were found bur in the assailant's back yard. 尸体受到严重的摧残 的辨认工作„„So much damage had been done to the bodies, police had to match.... 据说 她的身体曾被穿刺超过次 Police report she had been physically penetrated... 然后被活埋...over times and bur alive. „„被发现锁在冷藏库中 头部严重受伤,器官„„--found locked in a storage freezer,his head severed and his organs.... 他把霍莉的身体塞入„„He stuffed Holly's body into.... - 受到不明强暴的尸体„„ - 他使用了一把小手锯„„-The bodies ravished by the unknown.... -He used a small handsaw.... 头颅几乎被砍下来„„ gouged out. 眼珠都被挖了出来 Had nearly decapitated.... Even his eyes were 伊莎贝尔 Isabel. (精神病院的) 我很抱歉,妹妹 I'm so sorry, lzzy. 康斯坦丁 Constantine. 道森 Dodson. 喂?Hello? 喂 Hello. 喂?Hello? 嗨,老兄 能借个火吗 Hey. Hey, buddy, got a light? 别多管闲事,驱魔人 Should've minded your own business, exorcist. 我知道你要去哪儿,约翰 你要去米耐那儿 I know where you're going, John.You're going to Midnite's. 希望你呆在车里 You're supposed to wait in the cab. 那儿是鬼魂的避难所 我记得在书上读到过,约翰 It's a haven for those who rise and fall.I remember reading about this, John. - 你读书读得太多了,那是个酒吧 - 酒吧?-You read too much, kid. It's a bar. -It's a bar? 是酒吧,米耐老爹是个乐善好施的人 他曾经发誓坚守中立 It's a bar. Papa Midnite is a

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